There are few things more important in life than knowing where it’s blowing, what direction it’s blowing in, and how hard it’s blowing.  There are loads of websites that can help you find out where. Windfinder gives a nice 3-hour visual presentation that stretches over 4 days.

iWindsurf (see You can pay $10 per month for the premium version of iWindsurf (which gives you meteorologist forecasts) or $4 per month for their computer model forecasts.

Weather Underground will give you a forecast for pretty much anywhere you want to sail. For some reason, their wind forecasts tend to be lower than many other stations. If they are forecasting a lot of wind, chances are there will indeed be wind. Weather Underground gives you hourly forecasts for the current day plus ten days into the future. Look at the “10 Day Weather Forecast”: you can get the info that you want from either the “graph” presentation or the “table” presentation.

Farmzone is a free service for farmers, who need to know stuff like what temperature it’s going to be, how hard it’s going to blow and from what direction, and how wet it will be. All of this stuff is really important for planting, watering, maintenance, harvesting, etc. I find Farmzone to be one of the most reliable websites when it comes to wind speed and direction (not to mention other stuff like temperature and precipitation).Farmzone has a 24-hour forecast ( and a 7-day forecast ( can get the forecast for a wide variety of different spots in Ontario.

The Weather Network Weather Network gives you forecasts for just about anywhere.Click on the “hourly” tab, and then “table” (instead of “graph”, the default presentation) to get a weather forecast by the hour, which can be extremely useful if you want to know exactly when you should go sailing.They have hourly forecasts for the current day plus 3 days into the future, although of course the longer into the future you go, the lower the degree of reliability.


Slides from the 2024 weather presentation by Ron Bianchi.