BOOM Sailing Lessons Youth Registration

BOOM Sailing Lessons
Are there any medical, learning or behavioural conditions of which we should be aware of? (Including insect, food, and medical allergies)
If yes, please explain
I understand that it is a condition of my participating in this program that I do so at my own risk. Therefore in consideration of my acceptance of entry into this program, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified Ontario Sailing, the host club or organization, the Canadian Yachting Association, the organizers and their respective agents, officials, servants and representatives from and against all claims, actions, costs, expenses and demands in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to my person or property, howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with my taking part in this program, notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or caused or occasioned by the negligence of the same bodies, or any of them, or their agents officials, servants or representatives. I further understand and agree that this release is binding upon myself, my heirs, executors and assigns. I understand that photographs and/or videos taken of program participants, staff may be used for promotional purposes and I hereby consent to such by Ontario Sailing. I have read and understand Ontario Sailing’s Privacy Policy (
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