The instructors are highly qualified and experienced. They are certified by Sail Canada and have prerequisites in First Aid, CPR and water safety. The coach boat drivers are fully licensed.


Courses are offered at two levels, from beginner to intermediate, and follow the national training standards from Sail Canada: “CANSail 1” and “CANSail 2” programmes. You will learn how to rig, launch, and confidently command any small sailing craft.


The school uses RS Qubas sailboats, which is an 11 foot roto-moulded sailboat; the RS Quba is a popular boat for sailing instruction and introducing newcomers to the sport of sailing and is also a good boat to race.

What to bring

  • Hat, sunglasses (with strap) and sunscreen.
  • Towel and change of dry clothes.
  • Water, snacks

Why Sailing?

Sailing is a fun, fast and athletic sport, it is simple, safe and one of the most affordable ways to get on the water.

Sailing is an excellent way for kids to develop the ABC's of Athleticism...Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed...which are transferable to many other sports, including winter sports such as hockey and skiing.

Sailing helps improve your muscle strength, flexibility and agility. You will find your hand-eye coordination, concentration and motor skills improve. Sailing and being on the water has been shown to lower stress levels and enhance mental wellness.