Mystery Boat:

Do You Own This Boat?? There is a yellow laser (picture below) that is on the racks. If you own this boat please contact Michael Schmidt our Membership Officer.

Another Unsolved Mystery:

A member found a bundle of books left under their boat cover, with no note or explanation. They are assuming that they were meant for someone else and accidently placed in their boat. If you dropped off some books for someone or were expecting some books please reach out to David Black, Communications Officer to arrange retrieving them

Money For Nothing..

Given social activities and other aspects of normal club operations remained constrained this year, our Treasurer is expecting to be in a position to rebate some of our member fees. The exact amount remains TBD but it should look similar to what was rebated last year at this point. 

WhatsApp Group:

Dave Height, our enterprising Facilities Officer has created a WhatsApp text group for club members. Within the text group members can check on conditions, dock lines etc. by inquiring if anyone is at the club or is in the know. I also understand a sail to the Toronto Islands was organized this year via it, so if you want to join, install WhatsApp on your cellphone and reach out to Dave to get added. 

Tie Some String on Your Finger:

There have been numerous reports of the compound gates being left open when folks have gone out for a sail or worse gone home! Please remember that the gates need to be locked when you are the last to leave, even if you plan on returning after your sail. This also goes for the BBQ on the upper deck which was found left on by a member! Glad members are using the upper deck but please turn off the BBQ, and close the gate to the deck once you leave.

Winter Prep:

Remember that all masts are required to be lowered by November 30th to avoid risks of falling ice etc. While November seems far away, so did fall two months ago. And since I’m looking far out in my crystal ball, the plan for next year is to enforce the Masts Up rule requiring all masts to be raised by June 1st

Kayak Storage:

We are trying out the idea of offering kayak storage on the laser racks. We had an inquiry for a spot in the racks from someone who has now joined the club as a sr. member. So if you see someone racking their kayak please introduce yourself to our newest sr. member.

Stay safe, and hope to see everyone around the club.