• Organized public events and social gatherings under Stage 2 are limited to 25 people outdoors, so we are increasing the maximum number of people allowed on the roof deck to 25 but individuals not within the same household must social distance. The roof deck can only be accessed by the exterior stairs and PLEASE close the gate when leaving. We all love the roof deck but so do the raccoons.
  • The Following Rules Remain Unchanged:

    • You may use the washrooms and change area. Only 2 people at a time in the Mens and 2 people at a time in the Womens. Leave the change room doors open.
    • No one is allowed to use the stairs to the clubroom as everything inside the clubhouse, with the exception of the washroom, is out of bounds. 
    • You must maintain social distancing 2 metres when working on and launching your boat. If you are unable to achieve social distancing, then wear a face mask or wait a little longer.
    • The Club will not be providing any food, water or bottled water. Please take your garbage home with you.

    Know your limits. Minimize risk by taking a conservative approach to your sailing. Wear a PFD at all times. Practice Social Distancing 2 metres and do your best to protect our members and their families.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact a member of the executive or myself. 

     Hope to see you down at the club soon.