Please review the following conditions/ restrictions that must be adhered to if you are going to enter the compound:

1. First and foremost, always follow COVID 19 protocols specifically. If you must visit the club to service and maintain your boat and equipment, you must always keep 2m distance with anyone outside of your household

2. All members attending the club must confirm they have COVID pre-screen prior to coming to the club and they must attest to this by signing a logbook inside the club entrance immediately upon their arrival. The pre-screening check list is attached and a copy will be on display by the logbook. Members MUST sign and date the logbook to ensure that we have a record of attendance in case someone tests positive for COVID and we have to contact trace.

3. The club house is only to be accessed to enter your name, date and time of visit in the logbook and to use the washroom. No member may go beyond the washrooms, and absolutely no member should go up to the mainroom.

4. If you are the only or first member at the club you will be required to turn off the security system with your PIN once you have entered the front door to sign the logbook. This is necessary as member access to the compound will only be available via the garage door which again requires the security system to be disarmed. Security PINs were provided to each member when they joined the club so please check your emails if you don’t recall your PIN. Prior to leaving the club please arm the security system. 

4. We have interpreted the Provincial regulation such that mast stepping is considered service/maintenance of your boat. If at all possible, your mast-stepping team should be composed of members of the same household. However, for safety reasons if you are not able to manage this task with household members please consider whether it is necessary to raise your mast at this time.

6. In the spirit of the legislation, and for the safety of your fellow Members, please do not spend any more time at the club than you must, to achieve essential tasks and return home. These rules are designed to comply with the Government guideline so while on site, please adhere to all published guidelines and general COVID safety practices while attending the club such as the use of masks and social distancing where needed.

The information on the Ontario Government's website is constantly changing, and as such please visit the government website for the latest regulation updates.

Again we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this difficult period.

Dave Black

MSC Communications  Officer