The schedule, which has been emailed to members and posted to the Club Facebook page, details the races we are planning on holding - however before we can hold any races, we need volunteers to run the race and provide safety cover.  The Race Committee will also need to comply with proper distancing and use of face coverings where and when appropriate.

Please advise Anne Pugh - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of any dates you can commit to for Race Officer or Safety Officer:

A brief summary of the requirements for Race Duty:

  • at least one person on the committee boat needs to have their PCO card with them - ideally both volunteers should have the card
  • the driver of the committee boat required to be familiar with the boat and to have done the safety boat orientation in previous years
  • two people required on the committee boat - we normally allow three people but to maintain physical distancing we will limit the number to two
  • be mindful of the congestion at the ramp and arrive early on Sunday (11.30am) to allow sufficient time to launch and set up the course

Essential for all participants and race committee:

  • Self symptom check before leaving home
  • Assess personal risk and those that you are sailing with
  • Sign in at the clubhouse with all participants listed
  • Limit use of changing rooms and washrooms to two people at any one time
  • Main club floor still out of bounds
  • Sanitise hands on arrival and prior to touching shared surfaces
  • Always maintain social distancing whilst ashore
  • Be mindful of those around you and take a conservative approach on the racecourse to avoid unnecessary contact

Let's try and get something out of this season

Anne Pugh

Sailing Officer