To help members with arranging a time to enter the compound, as outlined in our previous email, we have posted the booking calendar in the My MSC section of the website for your reference. Please email Mike Loo (cc'd) with your requested time and your bay number.

From the City: 

On Thurs. May 14, the Ontario government released their guidelines for Stage 1 of the Framework for Reopening our Province.  The announcement indicated that boating is one of the sports identified to be included in the Stage 1 reopening. 

While this is a huge step forward and we are pleased with the announcement it obviously raises many questions and requires further information and protocols for successful implementation. Please understand this announcement is NOT approval to re-enter your facilities to begin operations.  This includes general maintenance, cleaning or installation of equipment. 

The City must receive the official order from the Province and public health on specific recommendations and details related to the announcement.  Please be assured that City staff teams are engaged in developing guidelines and protocols to reopen the facilities in a safe and responsible manner.  These must be supported by health authorities at the Regional, Provincial, and Federal levels as public health considerations must remain paramount at all times. Sport governing bodies recommendations and guidelines will also be taken into account.

As your designated contact for the City please trust that I will be in communication with you to relay guidelines and additional information for reopening when they occur.  Please be understanding and notify me directly for support and answers on any further clarifications and logistical arrangements. I will engage with my colleagues to provide a coordinated response. 

We appreciate your continued patience.

Sharlene Murray

Community Development Coordinator, Sports

We'll update the membership once we have heard back from the city.

Thank you for your understanding

Gary McIlroy