MSC Members, 

Man where did that spate of hot weather at the end of August go? September seemed to bring the cool air almost immediately this year. Well the good news is I just saw a headline saying that the fall will be warmer than usual, so who knows maybe a Halloween without a parka this year, and some fall sails? 

Couple updates on goings on around the club.

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Reports are that this cruise was organized via the clubs WhatsApp group (reach out to our Facilities Officer Dave Haight who manages it) and while all participants were promised "a three hour tour" no one minded a slightly longer voyage given the fun had by all on one of the Toronto Island beaches.  

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With most of Ontario moving into Stage 2 beginning Wednesday, June 30th, we are pleased to share some updates to the existing club COVID rules. 

  • Team sports (instruction, practice, and competition) can proceed as long as there is no likelihood of sustained physical contact between participants. With this update our racing series will begin shortly on July 8th. We’ll be sharing an update on this from Anne very soon.
  • This also means sailors on the same boat are no longer required to be from the same household, subject to the point above regarding avoiding physical contact..
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With the Provincial announcement MSC members will be able to access the compound and launch their boats as of Saturday May 22nd as long as we follow all related Provincial and Peel health guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitizing processes.

Please respect the club rules. We need to take care of our members and their families and not put each other at risk. It is also very important that we respect the rules, there will always be someone ready to report people who seem to be enjoying themselves and we don’t want to jeopardize the club due to non-compliance.

  • Members must self-screen prior to coming to the club. Please review the self screening checklist sent to all members on May 20th. To confirm that they have self screened all members are asked to sign the logbook inside the main entrance of the club to acknowledge this. This list also will allow us to contract trace in the event of a reported case at the club.

  • When sailing, you may only be joined by an individual from your household. 

  • Whenever you enter the Clubhouse or compound, please use hand sanitizer.

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MSC Update regarding Province-wide Stay-at-home Order

As you are aware MSC was requested by the City to close under the recent Province wide Stay-At -Home order. Since the order was issued there has been continuing dialogue with the City as interpretations of the order and how it applies to clubs like ours continue to evolve. As a result of these discussions with the City and a broader interpretation of the Provincial order the MSC Executive have decided to allow members access to the compound to perform necessary maintenance to their boats. As the order continues to prohibit recreational sailing member boats will not be allowed to launch.

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A couple people have mentioned the article on the Performance Sailor / Canadian Yachting linked below to me as something that might be of interest to our members. Not being much of a racer myself I can't say for sure but with the cold winter days keeping us inside right now I thought I'd share it incase some of our avid racing sailors would enjoy it. 

Hopefully this is of interest and i you are interested the rule book should be available at Fogh Marine or your favourite marine shop. 

We are ready for your close up Mr. Demille.

Given our spectacular clubhouse and setting it shouldn't be a surprise that the clubhouse and compound will be used as a filming set for the Netflix television series called Locke and Key.

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Treasury Assistant Needed - Neil, our amazing Treasurer, is looking for a volunteer that could assist with various treasury/accounting functions such as expense processing, bank reconciliations, invoicing etc. The work involved should ensure the volunteer gets all their required volunteer hours so that would be nice right.

If you are interested contact Neil about the position.

MSC Members are invited to join us at our first ever virtual AGM scheduled for Sat. Feb. 27th from 10am to 12noon. Members will receive an invite from our club Secretary shortly wth further details about how members will be able to access the AGM Portal. Please mark your calendars accordingly.


Since COVID19 has caused many programs available to children and youth this summer to be cancelled, including our offering of Ontario Sailing’s BOOM program the Kingston Yacht Club Academy ( has created a new innovative way to learn and improve sailing and water knowledge online.

Through interactive Zoom seminars, virtual regattas and videos lessons participants can stay engaged and occupied throughout the summer. The most amazing thing about this generous offer from KYC is it’s all offered at no cost.

If you are interested in this offer visit the KYC Academy website linked above.


The City of Mississauga has finally granted us permission to go to the Club, work on our boats and go sailing! The City and your executive are still very concerned about COVID-19 and want to encourage everyone to take every precaution possible to protect those around you. 

We are sourcing hand sanitizer, wipes and a disinfectant spray to have available at the Club. Please bring your own supply just in case.

A summary of the membership guidelines that have been agreed to with the City has been distributed via a member email. We ask that you follow them very closely. Please reach out to your executive if you'd like a copy.

It is imperative that all members follow the screening guidelines as instructed. If in doubt, don’t come out!

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding in this very trying time.

Gary McIlroy

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