Club facilities

To the west of the clubhouse there is a wide concrete ramp, with launch on the north and on the south side.

The south side of the ramp has an L shaped dock to tie up your sailboat.

We have a huge parking lot, and a paved fenced video surveilled compound in which to secure your boat after hours.

Trailers can be stored in the fenced in compound.

There is a water hose in the compound if you need to wash your boat or gear.

There is electrical supply in the compound.

There is a beach where you can launch your boat as an alternate method.

There is a mast crane and three dinghy dollies.


The clubhouse is a three-story building:

  • 1st floor - change rooms, showers and washrooms.
  • 2nd floor - kitchenette, furnished lounge, library.
  • 3rd floor - tented rooftop patio with barbecue, sitting area and a fabulous view of the channel and to the lake.

Wifi is available inside the clubhouse.


MSC has two safety boats used for racing and crewing events.