15-18 July 2019, 6-9pm
Non-members $290 / Members $250
Non-members, register before May 17, 2019 and you pay the member rate of $250

In just four nights the rest of your summers will never be the same.
Okay, four nights won’t make you an expert. But give us 12 hours and we’ll make you good enough to be like these people.  You’ll train in line with the professional “CANSail 1” and “CANSail 2” programs. You’ll learn how to rig, launch, and confidently command any small sailing craft. You’ll know the rules of the road. Most of all you’ll know (and you’ll have practiced) what to do when the boat doesn't behave.
Never again will you be just a spectator of other peoples' summer.

You’ll train on an “RS Quba”, a super lightweight, forgiving, indestructible, and unsinkable sailing machine. This is no beginner craft – its rigging has many features of a sophisticated boat – but here implemented with such economy, simplicity, and intuitive design that you’ll be sailing in minutes, not spending hours baffled by ropes and pulleys. The boats in Ontario Sailing’s “Boom” program are new. They’ve been chosen for both their extensive feature set and instinctive design. Their roto-mould hulls are impervious to dents, and they’re professionally fitted each season.

Our instructors are professionally qualified and certified. Employed by the Ontario Sailing Association – the organization that actually runs your course – they are carefully hand picked not just for their professional knowledge and qualification, but also for their ability to make you feel feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. They’ll be with you the whole time – either right on your boat, or giving you pointers from one of their two Zodiacs. These are effective teachers; for four nights they’ll be your new best friend. 

You just have to bring you.  We provide everything you need - life preservers for instance (you can bring your own if you prefer).  But, some suggestions: You will probably get wet, so bring a change of clothes; maybe a towel. We have change rooms and a place where you can leave non-valuable possessions.  You need shoes or sandals that can get dunked and stay glued to your feet.  For sunscreen, “Z-Block” won’t sting your eyes.  Get a retaining string for sunglasses. 

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