Youth sailing lessons Mississauga

15-18 July 2019, 9am-4pm
Non-members $440 / Members $385
Non-members, register before May 17, 2019 and you pay the member rate of $385

Okay, five days won’t create Olympic contenders. But give us 5 days and your kids will be as good as these kids. They’ll train in line with the professional “CANSail 1” and “CANSail 2” programmes. They’ll learn how to rig, launch, and confidently command any small sailing craft. They’ll know the rules of the road. Most of all, something that might surprise you: you’ll see them develop adult confidence. Running a boat is fantastic fun, but it’s also a serious responsibility. Your child will learn how to take charge, make decisions, and allocate workload. They’ll know how to react with practiced calm and confidence to emergencies . And this transformation doesn’t just stop with us – you’ll find this new found maturity demonstrated in every aspect of their life.

Our school uses RS Qubas – low-to-the-water, super lightweight forgiving indestructible unsinkable sailing machines. These are no beginner craft – their rigging has many features of a sophisticated boat – but here implemented with such economy, simplicity, and intuitive design that your kids will be sailing in minutes, not spending hours baffled by ropes and pulleys. The boats in Ontario Sailing’s “Boom” program are quite new. They’ve been chosen for both their extensive feature set and instinctive design. Their roto-mould hulls are impervious to dents, and they’re professionally fitted each season.

Just your child, a lunch, and snacks. (No lunch needed on Thursday; we provide a BBQ lunch.) We provide everything else - life preservers for instance. (They can bring their own if you prefer.) But, some suggestions: This is sailing....they will get wet. Send them with a change of clothes and maybe a towel. We have changing rooms and a place they can leave non-valuable possessions. They need shoes or sandals that can get dunked and stay glued to their feet. For sunscreen, “Z-Block” won’t sting their eyes. Sunglasses are helpful – there’s a lot of glare on the water. Get a retaining string to keep them on. 

Employed by the Ontario Sailing Association – the organization that actually runs your course – our instructors are hand picked not just for their professional knowledge and qualifications, but also for their ability to work with children – even non-swimmers – to ensure that their experience is fun, comfortable, and that your child feels safe. They’ll be with your child the whole time – either right on their boat, or giving guidance from one of the school’s two Zodiacs. These are effective teachers, and for five days they’ll be your kid’s new favourite person. Five days that will change your child.

Just one warning: a week isn’t gonna be enough. After this they’re going to want you to learn sailing. And then you’ll want a boat. Well it could’ve been a puppy.