Seminar 1 - Downwind: This new seminar from Speed & Smarts explains the strategy and tactics of racing Downwind. Topics include making a strategic plan, wind shift strategies for runs, finding better pressure, lay lines, strategic rules of thumb, light versus heavy air, tactical positioning, wind shadows, fleet management, reaching strategies and more! (Length: 3 hours)

Seminar 2 - Mark Rounding: This new seminar from Speed & Smarts covers the techniques, tactics and racing rules that apply when rounding marks. Topics include turning mechanics, boat-on-boat tactics, strategic vs. tactical rounding, exit strategies, rounding a gate mark, how to finish ahead of nearby boats, everything you need to know about mark-room and more! (Length: 3 hours)
Presented by: Dave Dellenbaugh, SPEED & Smarts ™
You can’t always win the race, but you can always learn something that will give you a better chance of winning the next race.’