The Sailing Instructions are on the website (here) and posted at the club - I do recommend that you read them but for those short of time the main differences from 2018 are:

  • There will be 4 racing series - 2 Thursday and 2 Sundays - this is to allow those that only race one of the days to hopefully qualify for a series.
  • We now only require 3 boats for a race 
  • Option for windward/leeward as an alternative to the triangle/windward leeward course - this was actually in the SI's last year but I don't think it was used very frequently

The Sailing Calendar is on the website (here), posted on the club notice board and a copy is attached. Race Duty it is a great way to earn your volunteer hours and without a race team we don't race - there will be cruising dates added to the calendar in the near future and those dates will also need a committee boat driver. If you want to sign up, either do so on the website via the volunteer hours section or add your name to the list at the club or just e-mail me - whichever way you choice please email me with the dates you have chosen - space will be filled on a first requested basis. A copy of "MSC Basics for Running a Race" is available on the website (here), we encourage the Race team to take out additional less experienced members - it is  a great way for them to "learn the ropes". 

Something new for this year is we request that every time the Committee Boat is taken out the checklist is completed (it's on the back of the race results sheet) - this way issues and niggles with the committee boats can be fixed before they become a major issue.

Finally - this year we have made a number of changes to the Sailing Calendar:

  • Added a one day mono-hull regatta - more details to follow nearer the date - but I have long thought we have a CL/16 regatta and a Cat regatta but nothing for the other mono hulls - it will be low key and will finish with a BBQ
  • CL16/W regatta will be one day - club member participation in this regatta has been declining and whilst we have many visitors I would like to see more of our own members participate
  • Moe Fraser will be the last race of the season on the Sunday after the CL16/W regatta

Hoping to see you all out on the water whether its racing or cruising.


Sailing Officer