The initial launch was SpaceX perfect.  The docks almost floated themselves into the lake! The ss ship's wheel is a nice touch (a Kijiji bargain) and the sporty trailer wheels really hold-well while high speed cornering.
John has well over a hundred hours on the project. And Ross went way over and above on his call to duty. Between the two of them they saved thousands of dollars for the club and the backs of many of a volunteer. One minor addition will be added to the trailer (before final galvanizing) to make balancing the docks while in transit a totally hands free operation.

The time required for the whole operation has been cut considerably.  Next year Dave figures he can do the job himself in about 20 minutes (maybe a little ambitious Dave).
Next up for MSC's big brains some sort of mechanical advantage for dock-flipping, again with the goal of reducing the physical stress on our volunteers. Dave reports many back's are still in traction following Dock Repair Day earlier this month.
On behalf of the Facilities Crew and the Club in general a big heap of thanks to both John and Ross for a job incredibly well done!