Mississauga Sailing Club


Compound Etiquette


 Some Commonsense Rules

Last Member Out Shall Lock Up - Both Gates
Always Jumble Numbers On Lock Immediately After Opening (even if in compound)

No Motorised Vehicles In Compound
Ask Other Members If You Need Assistance To Move Your Boat

Boats To Be Strapped To Trailers
Your Boat (or other items) Can Damage Your Neighbours’ In A Strong Wind.
Also securely fix all tarps, covers and sails so that nothing leaves your boat slip.

Trailers To Be Chocked In Place and Anchored to Cement blocks on each side
Trailer With Boat Attached Can Be Moved By Strong Wind

Keep your Bay clean
No unmounted tires on site.  Clean up all servicing materials and debris.

TWO Members are required to operate the A-frame lift
Observe safety precautions at all times when on site.

Store Motors And Other Valuables Off-Site
Gas Tank storage in outside gas locker only - fire hazard
MSC Not Responsible For Losses

Masts To Be Stepped by May 31st, Unstepped For Winter Storage
Wind Conditions Are Sometimes Extreme

Members’ Property Must Be Properly Identified
Anonymous or Derilect Items Subject To Disposal

Toxic Materials And Weedkiller Not Allowed
Environmental Law For Waterfront Property